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Welcome Friend,

Deep inside the human heart, beyond our physical appearance, beyond our mind, beyond our conception of ourselves, there lives a part of us that is hungry for more than this world has to offer. We try suffocating that still small voice with the busyness of life, work, friends, money, sex, power, food, alcohol, drugs, relationships, status...the list is endless.

However, despite the noise that our mind makes, and the mental image we have built up of ourselves, there is a part of us just waiting to come to life, to be "born again," as Jesus said.

This tug that we feel, is none other than the voice of God calling us to a relationship, a supernatural, relationship deep within our hearts with Himself.

Discover Jesus

There is a Supernatural Gateway to connection with God that is available to all. Jesus Christ Himself is that gateway that anyone can enter through, and find themselves connected with the God of the Universe and a love that knows no bounds!

Rather than striving through our own human effort, we can go through this gate by simply exchanging our life with Christ's life. The greatest exchange in the history of the world took place at the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. 

Our wrongdoings, pain, trauma, and our conscious disconnect from God, in other words our sins, were placed on Him, and in exchange we received His life. If you have never asked God to take over your life, it's as simple as asking, and invoking the name of Jesus. As you surrender to Christ, you are planting a mystical seed in your heart, which over time will grow into a full fledged experience of The Kingdom of Heaven.

Are you ready?
Some days you need to remind yourself th
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What is a Mystic?  A Mystic is someone who simply believes that they can know God experientially, and not just through intellectual knowledge alone.


Join us for a supernaturally infused event as we encounter Jesus through the Holy Spirit.

This will be a time of short Bible based teaching followed by personal ministry and prophecy.

Time and place to be announced.

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With All Your Heart

Hi I'm Susan...

And I am the creator of this site. My hope is that you would be encouraged, and crave a deeper connection with God, the amazing, brilliant Consciousness and Creator of everything seen and unseen.

I grew up England where my heart first started to feel a pull to a deeper reality.   As a child, I would wander for hours in the English countryside, lost in the beauty of all that was around me. 

I have always been aware as long as I can remember that there must be a Creator to this incredible world. When I was 18, I encountered Jesus Christ, by praying a simple pray, and relinquishing control of my life to Him.  Three years later I had a dramatic encounter with the Holy Spirit when I was 21. 


My husband and I spent two decades working with children, youth and adults in a traditional church setting. During that time, we met many wonderful people, but like many, experienced a growing restlessness and disillusionment with organized religion. While we are not in any organized institution at present, we have one cry in our hearts... and that is to know the One who made us and somehow, through our lives, point others to the sheer ecstasy of that experience too.

Your life matters. You were put here for a reason. You have a destiny to fulfill. It's time to embrace your true identity found in Christ, and see yourself in a whole new way!

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Awaken to The Power that is already within you, realize your true potential, and live a conscious life - body, mind and spirit!